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The history of the University Library of the University of Žilina (UK ŽU) is closely connected with the foundation of the College of Railway in Prague. The primary inventory consisted of units from the library of the Czech Technical College in Prague and moved to Žilina in 1961.

In order to replace traditional library services, the process of gradual rebuilding of the college libraries to study and information centres began in the 1970´s. At that time the Library of Transport College followed suit and was renamed the Central Library and Study and Information centre. At that time first attempts for computerization of selected library activities took place (e.g. computerized databases were gradually made available for information search). In 1991 the library moved to the current location, Veľký diel. The name change of the Central Library and Study and Information Centre to the University Library in 1997 was accompanied with significant enhancements of standard activities that made services more effective.

The University Library of the University of Žilina as a cultural, educational and informational institution, administers the university electronic library information system, it acquires, professionally elaborates, keeps, protects and makes available domestic and foreign, scientific and professional information documents without regard to their form. It acts as a central, coordinating and consulting place of the University of Žilina and in the framework of its mission, it provides pedagogues, research workers, students of the University of Žilina and public with library information services. The University Library secures complex library activities which are determined by the university needs and law – loaning services, interlibrary loan system, international interlibrary loan system, bibliographic search services; it makes available electronic information sources; it builds its own electronic databases; it provides consulting services, retrographic services and scanning of documents; it organizes cultural and promotional events and lectures; it prepares professional activities within the Slovak Library Association of Libraries in the Academic Libraries Section.

The basic controlled professional activity of the Library is the acquisition of all types of information sources (printed documents, electronic media, electronic information sources) in such a form which reacts flexibly on the securing of information needs of users.

More than a decade, the Library has been available on the web page The on-line catalogue includes records of all the documents kept and accessed from the Library funds. The contents and extend of the page have changed several times depending on the development and possibilities of information and communication technologies. The library with its library information system has undergone several stages of development what has found its reflection mainly in the quality, extend, accessibility and speed of provided services. At present, the University Library has implemented the complex automated library system DAWINCI into its technological processes. Together with partial libraries, the University Library has 194 590 documents and 270 magazine titles in its funds.

The goal of the activities is to steadily increase the contribution of the Library into the educational processes of the University by a continuous development and providing of electronic library services (e-accessibility of full texts of documents and e-sending of documents). The increase of this type of services proportion requires a systematic construction of information funds and an organized administration of e-accessibility of documents which a reader can access directly via the web page or on-line library catalogue. In 2006, respecting the copyright, the Library started to build and access a digital archive of full texts of dissertations of our students which are accessible via the on-line library catalogue. The electronic catalogue provides information on all the documents from the areas of transport, communications, engineering, electronics, telecommunications, highway engineering, land surveying, information and operative systems, management and banking.

The recent activities of the library include making available through the Intranet the extensive database of foreign periodicals, new stock acquisitions, theses and dissertations and information about the structure of the library. One of the valuable sources of information is the database of publishing activities of the University staff, which can be viewed like other databases on the World Wide Web server of the University Library. In the field of international collaboration, the library is focused on utilization of opportunities to acquire specialist documents by means of exchange and presentation of some renowned publishers at exhibitions. The University Library, as a regular member of Slovak Library Association and Academic Libraries Section, participates actively in domestic activities through organizing nationwide events that are traditionally held in the library.