Centre for further Education of Teachers

Director: PhDr. Renáta Švarcová

Tel: +421-41-513 51 51
e-mail: renata.svarcova@uniza.sk


Univerzitná 1
010 26 Žilina
Slovak Republic

The Centre for further Education of Teachers was created in concord with long-term intentions of the University of Žilina in the field of education and in concord with the university mission. One of the university missions is to contribute to the educational development on all levels, from primary education up to university education, mostly by the further education of primary school teachers, secondary school teachers, school facilities teachers and university teachers.

The main role of the Centre is to take part in the development, preparation and organization of educational activities for teachers of all school types, to create conditions for further education of teachers in the form of e-learning, to organize seminars with current contents from the field of methodology and education technology, and in terms of organization, to secure studies for the acquisition of pedagogical qualification.

Except for the above mentioned, the Centre takes an active part in the implementation of educational programmes (The right choice of a university – base of a successful career, Preparation of university teachers for the utilization of IKT in teaching process, Study educational programmes of universities for the European labour market, Training University Academic Staff to Become Trainers in Outreach Activities).