EDIS – Printing House of the University of Žilina

Director: Miroslav Pfliegel, M.Sc.

Tel.: +421-41-513 49 00
Fax: +421-41-562 00 23
e-mail: pfliegel@uniza.sk


Univerzitná 1
010 26 Žilina
Slo vak Republic

EDIS – the Printing House of the University of Žilina originated in1990. It secures all types of polygraphic works for the needs of the University of Žilina.

So far the Printing House has published 2687 titles – monographs and university textbooks according to the plan of edition of the University of Žilina and titles about educational activities organized by the ŽU subjects. It publishes titles from the regional history of the town Žilina, municipalities and organizations of the region, poetry collections, children literature, exhibitions catalogues, manuals and teaching materials for KIA Motors Slovakia and publications of foreign customers in foreign languages. Besides this, the Publishing House prints 9 titles of nationwide magazines, the university magazine Spravodajca ŽU and the student magazine ŽUŽO.

According to the number of printed publications, quality of polygraphic works and technological equipment, the Printing House EDIS ŽU belongs to the top university publishing houses in Slovakia.