Other Activities

Sports Club Academic

Academic, the University of Žilina in Žilina (AC UNIZA) is a new sports club at the University of Žilina which focuses mainly on academic sport. It covers these top level sport disciplines:

Volleyball – women – major league
Floor ball – men – major league
Basketball – men – premier league

In the section “sport for everybody” it works in 25 sport disciplines, it organizes sports trips (skiing, rafting, canoeing), sport competitions for students, company sports games, etc.

Students of ŽU – sportsmen – take part in academic competitions – World University Games, Academic World Championship, Slovak University Games, international sports games (Poitiers, France).

The Sports Club Academic has the ambition to belong to the top sports clubs in Slovakia, and in this way to spread the University’s good reputation.

Folklore Ensemble Stavbár

When in 1959 Stavbár, a folklore ensemble, was founded it was supported by several civil engineering companies in Žilina. From the beginning it has tried to achieve the best results in every activity, i.e. dancing, singing and music. It has taken part in many folklore festivals and events not only in Slovakia but also in other countries, such as France, Great Britain, Italy, Belgium, Tunisia, Brazil and many others, where it has had several outstanding results. Since 1997, this folklore ensemble has become a part of the University of Žilina. The ensemble is a successful representative in academic competitions and folklore festivals, both in Slovakia and abroad.

Festival attendance, achievements, awards (last years):

• 2006 – Festival “Rosa Balistreri”, Sicily
• 2007 – Festival Šiauliai 2007, Latvia – Grand prix choreography “
• 2008 – Festival Festimaiorca 2008 in Portugal organized by CIOFF

The ensemble offers a programme in various forms and duration from 5 to 120 minutes depending on the organizer’s requirements and technical abilities.

Student Information Centre

The Student Information Centre is a student organization with the goal to provide information about the activities at university and its separate faculties, about the activities organized by the University of Žilina, to provide students with the Internet access in its area via computational technology placed at ŠIC VD and Hliny V and computational technology via WiFi technology. The SIC lso provides students with the possibility of resource centre utilization, copying, scanning and printing of materials.

ESN – Erasmus Student Network

ESN at the University of Žilina is a student organization founded in 2008 that provides help for incoming foreign students and prepares various events during their stay. For LLP/ERASMUS incoming students, every semester several activities are being organized as well as a welcoming party for incoming students together with a sightseeing tour around the city.

ESN main activities:
  1. a pick - up at the train or bus station,
  2. basic orientation in the city, including showing the dorms, school buildings, dining hall, library, etc.,
  3. assistance with formal documents such as school ID or public transport pass.
Internet Club

The student organization Internet Club was founded by students of the University of Žilina in 1998 with the aim to build a data network at accommodation facilities of the University and to provide students with new possibilities of education and self-realization via the connection of the network into the international network Internet. The activities of the Internet Club have been gradually expanded by network administration, users, and round-the-clock monitoring of its condition. The Internet Club unites students who want to deepen their knowledge in the field of information and communication technologies and who want to contribute to the development of the dormitory network. The members work on problems removal and on improvements which help to prevent possible failures.

During its existence, the members of the Internet Club have built and put into operation the connection for approximately 72% of accommodated students. At present, the Internet Club administrates the network and provides services which are used by approximately 1900 active users – students of the University of Žilina.


OMNIA – the faculty mixed choir of the University of Žilina originated in 2004 by the transformation of a girls choir by the expansion and consolidation of a section of male voices. During its short existence, the choir has made a lot of performances and in a very successful way, it represented the University of Žilina at several domestic and international competitions (Academic Banská Bystrica – golden medal, the prize of the city mayor of Banská Bystrica to the best Slovak choir and the prize of diocesan bishop of Banská Bystrica for the best interpretation of a sacral piece of music, Feasts of Songs Bratislava 2006 - 2 golden medals, ABB 2007 – golden medal and the prize of Matica Slovenská for the development of Slovak interpretation art in the field of choir singing). The choir successfully represented the University also at the Festival Cento Note in Italy (2006) and Cantate Adriatica in San Marino (2008).

In December 2006, the choir in cooperation with the State Chamber Orchestra organized a benefit concert. Well known personalities of popular music appeared together with the choir there.

Photo club GAMA of the University of Žilina

The Photo-club Gama of the University of Žilina was founded in 1967. In 1970 it joined the former University of Transport and since then it has been a part of the university.

The purpose of the photo-club is not just to learn how to make large-scale photos of fine art, but also to lead its members to art and to the development of aesthetic feeling.

The photo club has its own gallery in which photo-expositions of famous authors, photo-clubs and competitions take place. Since 1978, the photo-club has organised presentations of the international photo competition TRANSPORT. The expositions enjoy international reputation and are highly evaluated. As a result, the exhibition has been held under the auspices of the FIAP, the oldest international photo-organization. Anyone can be a member of the photo-club of the University of Žilina: students, graduates and employees of the University of Žilina who want to develop their cultural, art and aesthetic feeling through his or her own creative work. The photo-club GAMA has acquired a good reputation in Slovakia and abroad through its activities.

University Pastoral Centre

The University Pastoral Centre is a part of the Slovak network of university pastoral centres which were established by the Roman Catholic Church. It is consecrated to Saint Paul. Its main role is to take care of spiritual needs of university students and pedagogues. The part of the care is the preparation for receiving of sacraments and spiritual consulting. The University Pastoral Centre is a place which offers space for relaxation and refreshment in a café, space for drawing of the spiritual power and meditations in chapel and it also offers the possibility to prepare for classes in an equipped resource centre.