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DoNT 2011 – Day of new technologies

Scientific conference is focused on application of AICD, RFID technologies and bar codes into logistics processes.

Druh akcie: Scientific Conference
Termín konania: 1.11.2011  ..  30.11.2011
Miesto konania: Katedra spojov, Fakulta PEDAS, ZU, Zilina
Odborní garanti: doc. Ing. Juraj Vaculik, PhD.

kontakt: Ing. Peter Kolarovszki, PhD.

+421 41/513 3119

Logistic management – tool of enterprise competitiveness

Transfer of theoretic knowledge of logistic management into enterprise praxis

Druh akcie: Int. Scientific Seminar
Termín konania: 1.11.2011  ..  30.11.2011
Miesto konania: F PEDAS, ZU Zilina
Odborní garanti: doc. Ing. Pavel Ceniga, PhD.

kontakt: Katedra ekonomiky F PEDAS Velky Diel, Univerzitna 1 013 26 Zilina


+421 41 513 018

8th International Workshop on IT and digital technologies, circuits, systems and signal processing

Meeting academic-researchers in the field of technical sciences. Contributions focus on professional issues in the field of communication and information and digital technologies, in general, electronic circuit solutions, systems, signal processing, their application in practice. Application of research results and in teaching. Workshop is recommended especially for young researchers and postgraduate doctoral students.

Druh akcie: Int. Conference
Termín konania: 10.11.2011  ..  11.11.2011
Miesto konania: Faculty of Electrotechnical Engineering, ZU Zilina
Odborní garanti: doc. Dasa Ticha, PhD.

kontakt: Zilinska univerzita v Ziline, EF - Katedra telekomunikacii a multimedii Univerzitna 1 010 26 Zilina

+421 41 513 2224

Ergonomics 2011

The conference is focused on the field of industrial ergonomics from the perspective of the impact of ergonomic solutions to increase productivity and humanization of work. On the conference are presented the latest findings of scientists, engineers from practice and doctors working in this field

Druh akcie: Intern. Scientific Conference
Termín konania: 23.11.2011  ..  24.11.2011
Miesto konania: Zilina, VIX Centrum
Odborní garanti: Ing. Luboslav Dulina, PhD.

kontakt: Ing. Luboslav Dulina, PhD. Katedra priemyselneho inzinierstva, Strojnicka fakulta Zilinskej univerzity Univerzitna 1 010 26 Zilina

+421 41 513 2722

Science Day of the Department of Communications

Scientific seminar/workshop is focused on: - presentation of the cooperation between Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic and academic environment in the field of science, - presentation of the cooperation between Slovak Post and Department of Communication in the field of science, - presentation of the scientific-research activity and results of the projects which have been solved on the Department of Communication recently.

Druh akcie: Scientific Workshop
Termín konania: 1.11.2011  ..  30.11.2011
Miesto konania: Katedra spojov, Fakulta PEDAS, ZU, Zilina
Odborní garanti: prof. Ing. Tatiana Corejova, PhD. doc. Ing. Iveta Kremenova, PhD.

kontakt: Ing. Anna Padourova, PhD.

+421 41/513 3129

Railway building constructions 2011

Necessities and possibilities in reconstruction and modernization of the utility buildings for railway transport corridors. The aim is mediation the latest knowledge from the branch of building design and production for ŽSR.

Druh akcie: Intern. Conference
Termín konania: 10.11.2011  ..  11.11.2011
Miesto konania: ZSR-UIVP SIP Strecno, Slovakia
Odborní garanti: doc. Ing. Jan Rybarik, PhD.

kontakt: Katedra pozemneho stavitelstva a urbanizmu Stavebna fakulta Velky Diel Univerzitna 1 013 26 Zilina


+421 41 513 5700

Concert: The spirit of the French compositions - Lecture of the Faculty of Natural Science staff, will include a concert

The lecture and the concert will concentrate on introducing the French repertoire, as well as the issues of its interpretation. Targeted group: Students and lecturers of music.

Druh akcie: Lecture
Termín konania: 1.11.2011  ..  30.11.2011
Miesto konania: Katedra hudby, Fakulta humanitnych vied, ZU, Zilina
Odborní garanti: Prof. PhDr. Boris Banary, CSc.

kontakt: Katedra hudby Fakulta prirodnych vied Veľky Diel Univerzitna 1 013 26 Zilina

+421 41 513 6412

43rd Conference of Slovak Mathematicians

In the framework of the whole mathematical community at Slovak Republic the conference disseminates information about new knowledge in mathematics and improves methodology of teaching mathematics.

Druh akcie: National Conference with invited visitors
Termín konania: 24.11.2011  ..  27.11.2011
Miesto konania: Jasna pod Chopkom, Slovakia
Odborní garanti: Slovenska matematicka spolocnost (SMS), Katedra matematiky ZU (KMA ZU), Katedra aplikovanej matematiky SjF (KAM SjF)

kontakt: RNDr. Bozena Dorociakova, PhD. (KAM SjF) doc. RNDr. Mariana Marcokova, CSc. (KMA ZU) Mgr. Zuzana Sedliackova, PhD. (KAM SjF) Velky Diel, Univerzitna 1, 010 26 Zilina, Slovakia mariana.marcokova@fpv.uniza.sk zuzana.sedliackova@fstroj.uniza.sk

+421 41 513 4960

Objekty 2011

The conference Objekty 2011 is known to be an expert platform for exchange of knowledge and experience with object-oriented technologies. The conference takes place in Slovakia for the second time after three years. Experts from computer science industry and teachers that educate students for practice come there to exchange their knowledge and experience.

Druh akcie: konferencia
Termín konania: 24.11.2011  ..  25.11.2011
Miesto konania: zasadacka vedeckej rady ZU
Odborní garanti: doc. Emil Krsak - KST, FRI ZU doc. Vojtech Merunka - KSIvE, FJFI, CVUT Praha

kontakt: KST FRI ZU


+421 41 513 4100