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9-th European conference of young research and science workers

Druh akcie: International Conference
Termín konania: 27.6.2011  ..  29.6.2011
Miesto konania: Zilinska univerzita, Zilina, V. Diel, block NR, NS
Odborní garanti: prof. Ing. Jan Celko, PhD. prof. Ing. Otakar Bokuvka, PhD.

kontakt: helena.vrablova@uniza.sk


EURO-Zel 2011 Recent challenges for European railways

19the international symposium EURO-Zel 2011 is a very important symposium organized in rialway transport. The EURO - Zel 2011 will offer the opportunity to discuss the major challenges as well as technological and organizational solutions for the future European Rail system with experts and high level representatives from the supply industry, operators and research institutions.

Druh akcie: Blok NR, Zilinska univerzita, Velky Diel, Zilina
Termín konania: 8.6.2011  ..  9.6.2011
Miesto konania: Intern. Symposium
Odborní garanti: Prof. Ing. Ladislav Skyva, DrSc., akademik

kontakt: CETRA – Ustav dopravy ZU, Univerzitna 1 01026 Zilina

+421 513 5012

Non conventional technologies 2011

The aim of the conference is the presentation of knowledge from areas: non-conventional mechanical technologies, physical knowledges useful for non-conventional technologies, mechanics, Hydromechanics, Thermodynamics, technological solutions of constructions.

Druh akcie: Int. Scientific Conference
Termín konania: 23.6.2011  ..  24.6.2011
Miesto konania: Stredisko internatnej pripravy ZSK, Strecno, Slovakia
Odborní garanti: doc. Ing. Jan Moravec, PhD., prof. Ing. Augustin Sladek, PhD.

kontakt: Katedra technologickeho inzinierstva Strojnicka fakulta Velky diel, Univerzitna 1 010 26 Zilina

+421 41 513 2764

Applied Physics of Condensed Matter 2011

International conference focused on future developments of micro- and nanoelectronic technologies and the device applications. Conference presents both theoretical and experimental results in the area of bulk solids, thin solid films, organic polymers, heterostructures and quantum structures.

Druh akcie: Int. Conference
Termín konania: 22.6.2011  ..  24.6.2011
Miesto konania: Novy Smokovec, Vysoke Tatry
Odborní garanti: Prof. RNDr. Peter Bury, CSc.

kontakt: Katedra fyziky Elektrotechnicka fakulta Univerzitna 1, 010 26 Zilina

+421 41 513 2342

Central European Forum on Maintenance 2011

International conference in cooperation with V4 countries, aimed at problems of management, information systems, technology, diagnostics and safety in the field of maintenance. Participants from industrial practice as well from universities from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and other countries. 11th year of the conference organized by the Slovak Maintenance Society; Department of Transport and Handling Machines is a co-organiser.

Druh akcie: Intern. Conference
Termín konania: 31.5.2011  ..  1.6.2011
Miesto konania: Hotel Patria, Strbske Pleso
Odborní garanti: Prof. Ing. Peter Zvolensky, CSc.

kontakt: Doc. Ing. Juraj Grencik, PhD. Katedra dopravnej a manipulacnej techniky Strojnicka fakulta Univerzitna 1 013 26 Zilina

+421 41 513 2553


The goal of the conference is to exchange the latest findings and practical experience of crisis management, persons and property protection and the tasks of human factors in crises situations.

Druh akcie: Intern. Scientific Conference
Termín konania: 1.6.2011  ..  2.6.2011
Miesto konania: Zilinska univerzita, Velky Diel, blok NR, Zilina
Odborní garanti: prof. Ing. Anton OSVALD,CSc. prof. Ing. Jozef REITSPIS, PhD. prof. Ing. Miloslav SEIDL, PhD. prof. Ing. Ladislav SIMAK, PhD.

kontakt: Ing. Katarina Buganova, PhD. Katedra krizoveho manazmentu Fakulta specialneho inzinierstva 1. maja 32 01026 Zilina

+421 41 513 6748

Dynamics of Civil Engineering and Transport Structures and Wind Engineering, DYN-WIND 2011

The goal of the Conference is to inform the scientific and technical community about present state, future plans and results of theoretical and experimental research and about practical engineering activities of peoples in the field of dynamics of civil engineering and transport structures and wind engineering.

Druh akcie: Intern. Conference
Termín konania: 30.5.2011  ..  2.6.2011
Miesto konania: Hotel Sorea SNP, Jasna pod Chopkom, Slovakia
Odborní garanti: prof. Ing. Jozef Melcer, DrSc. jozef.melcer@fstav.uniza.sk

kontakt: Katedra stavebnej mechaniky Stavebna fakulta ZU Univerzitna 8215/1 010 26 Zilina

+421 41 513 5612

VIII. Didactic Conference in Zilina

The main object of the conference is to create appropriate conditions for information and experience Exchange within the field of teaching mathematics and informatics at the primary, secondary and university levels as well as to co-ordinate the efforts of creative teachers and researchers in order to achieve a higher standard of education in above mentioned subjects.

Druh akcie: Intern. Conference
Termín konania: 16.6.2011  ..  16.6.2011
Miesto konania: Zilinska univerzita, Zilina
Odborní garanti: doc. PaedDr. Tomas Lengyelfalusy, CSc.

kontakt: Katedra matematiky Zilinska univerzita Velky Diel Univerzitna 1 010 26 Zilina Tomas.Lengyelfalusy@fpv.uniza.sk

+421 41 513 6100