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The aim of the conference is present results about degradation and degradation processes in the structural materials (fatigue, creep, corrosion, hydrogen damage, cavitation, ...)

Druh akcie: 12th International conference
Termín konania: 1.9.2011  ..  30.9.2011
Miesto konania:
Odborní garanti: Prof. Ing. Otakar Bokuvka, PhD., Prof. Ing. Peter Palcek, PhD. (SK)

kontakt: Ing. Maria Chalupova Alena Torokova


DANUBIA – ADRIA Symposium on Advances in Experimental Mechanics 2011

The aim of DAS 2011 is to provide a forum for university workers, students and industrial workers to present and discuss the knowledge from the field of modern experimental methods in solid mechanics.

Druh akcie: 28th International Symposium
Termín konania: 28.9.2011  ..  1.10.2011
Miesto konania: Siofok, Hungary
Odborní garanti: Prof. Ing. Otakar Bokuvka, PhD., Prof. Ing. Peter Palcek, PhD. (SK)

kontakt: Ing. Maria Chalupova Alena Torokova


17th Conference of Czech and Slovak Physicists

Regular meeting of Slovak and Czech Physicists where they present the obtained progress and latest research results in the fields of physics performed both in out countries and in the world.

Druh akcie: Int. Conference
Termín konania: 5.9.2011  ..  8.9.2011
Miesto konania: Areal University of Zilina, blok NR
Odborní garanti: Prof. RNDr. Peter Bury, CSc.

kontakt: Katedra fyziky Elektrotechnicka fakulta Univerzitna 1 010 26 Zilina

+421 41 513 2300

New Trends in Cybernetics, Automation and Informatics

Meeting of the Departments of Cybernetics, Meassuring and Control Technology and Automation - Electrotechnical Engineering Faculties from the Czech and Slovak Republic

Druh akcie: Int. Conference
Termín konania: 6.9.2011  ..  8.9.2011
Miesto konania: Vratna
Odborní garanti: doc. Ing. Juraj Micek, PhD, prof. Ing. Mikulas Alexik, PhD.

kontakt: Katedra technickej kybernetiky, Fakulta riadenia a informatiky Veľky Diel, Univerzitná 1 010 26 Žilina

+421 41 513 4350

KOKA 2011 – the conference of departments and institutes of combustion engines and motor vehicles

The international scientific conference is focused on the knowledge of research and pedagogical workers in the field of combustion engines and motor vehicles theory, running, testing, modeling and diagnosing.

Druh akcie: Int. Conference
Termín konania: 8.9.2011  ..  9.9.2011
Miesto konania: Terchova
Odborní garanti: prof. Ing. Vladimir Hlavna PhD., prof. Ing. Pavol Kukuca, PhD.

kontakt: Katedra automobilovej techniky Strojnicka fakulta ZU v Ziline Univerzitna 1 013 26 Zilina

+421 41 513 2654

InvEnt 2011

The Conference is focused on knowledges and information exchange in the field of industrial engineering between PhD students and young scientists as well from Slovakia and others countries.

Druh akcie: bude specifikovane do 16.2.2011
Termín konania: 1.9.2011  ..  31.10.2011
Miesto konania: Intern. Scientific Conference
Odborní garanti: prof. Ing. Branislav Micieta, PhD.

kontakt: Ing. Lucia Vrablova Katedra priemyselneho inzinierstva Strojnicka fakulta Zilinskej univerzity Univerzitna 1 010 26 Zilina

+421 41 513 2732

Transport Logistics and Crisis Situations

The aim of the conference is to solve crises situations in transport infrastructure, their logistics provision, occupational health and safety in the specific conditions of crises situations, safety transportation of dangerous goods, transport management in crises situations, information technologies in logistics support of crises situations solving and an intermodal transportation.

Druh akcie: XIV Intern. Conference
Termín konania: 29.9.2011  ..  30.9.2011
Miesto konania: Menza - Room of Convocation of University of Zilina
Odborní garanti: prof. Ing. Miloslav Seidl, PhD. doc. Ing. Miroslav Tomek, PhD. doc. Ing. Zdenek Dvorak, PhD.

kontakt: Katedra technickych vied a informatiky Fakulta specialneho inzinierstva 1.maja 32 010 26 Zilina

+421 41 513 6860

18th International conference „Current problems in rail vehicles- PRORAIL 2011“

The aim of the conference is to bring information to participants about state and perspectives of development in field of rail vehicles in broad sense from theoretical achievements, through design, testing, production technologies, material engineering, maintenance to practical operational experience.

Druh akcie: Intern. Conference
Termín konania: 21.9.2011  ..  23.9.2011
Miesto konania: Zilinska univerzita, Zilina
Odborní garanti: Prof. Ing. Daniel Kalincak, PhD. prof. Ing. Peter Zvolensky, CSc.

kontakt: Katedra dopravnej a manipulacnej techniky Strojnicka fakulta Univerzitna 1 010 26 Zilina

daniel.kalincak@fstroj.uniza .sk
+421 41 513 2650


The international meeting of postal administration representatives, university educators and researchers is aimed toward international cooperation development, European integration and searching common ways for increasing the quality of management in postal sector.

Druh akcie: Intern. Scientific Conference
Termín konania: 1.9.2011  ..  30.9.2011
Miesto konania: Katedra spojov, Fakula PEDaS, ZU, Zilina
Odborní garanti: prof. Ing. Tatiana Corejova, PhD. doc. Ing. Iveta Kremenova, PhD.

kontakt: doc. Ing. Iveta Kremenova, PhD.

+421 41 513 3100

Actual problems of structural mechanics

The goal of the Seminar is to discuss the present trends of development in the field of structural mechanics and to look for the real possibilities of their integration into pedagogical and research process in the frame of concrete conditions of Universities in the Slovak and Czech Republic.

Druh akcie: Intern. seminar
Termín konania: 20.9.2011  ..  22.9.2011
Miesto konania: Penzion Resla, Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia
Odborní garanti: prof. Ing. Jozef Melcer, DrSc.

kontakt: Katedra stavebnej mechaniky Stavebna fakulta ZU Univerzitna 8215/1 010 26 Zilina


+421 41 513 5612

Metamorphoses of undergraduate education contents as reflection of contemporary society

International Scientific Conference in prepared in cooperation with the Istitute of Education and Social Studies Palacký Universtity in Olomouc. Taking into account the changes and the character of the contemporary society, the contents of the conference is concentrated to metamorphoses and innovations in the field of undergraduate student of magistral study programmes and social-pedagogical programmes preparation.

Druh akcie: International Scientific Conference
Termín konania: 13.9.2011  ..  14.9.2011
Miesto konania: Zilinska univerzita, Aula 1, AFb104, AFb106, AFb108
Odborní garanti: prof. doc. PhDr. Helena Grecmanova, PhD. doc. PaedDr. Vlasta Cabanova, PhD. prof. PhDr. Jozef Psenak, CSc. prof. PhDr. Stefan Svec, CSc. doc. PhDr. Dagmar Kovacikova, PhD. doc. PhDr. Drahomira Holousova, CSc. prof. Dr. Dusan Polonsky, CSc. m

kontakt: Mgr. Marcela Maglione Katedra pedagogickych studii Fakulta humanitných vied Univerzitna 8215/1 010 26 Zilina