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Winter School of Mathematics applied to ICT

Winter School MICT a joint project University of Zilina and UMB, Banská Bystrica. It follows the seminars \"Mathematical Principles of Informatics\" and \"Application of mathematical theories in computer science\" organized by KIS and KST, FRI ZU for doctoral students. The aim of the MICT is deepen the knowledge and ability to work scientifically in parts of mathematics applied in ICT. MICT is organized for doctoral students in Computer science and mathematicians who are concerned with the use of mathematics outside this discipline (engineering sciences, natural sciences, math education).

Druh akcie: International Conference
Termín konania: 6.2.2012  ..  11.2.2012
Miesto konania: Rekreacno-ucelove zariadenie Sachticky, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
Odborní garanti: Prof. Ing. Martin Klimo, PhD., ZU Zilina Prof. Ing. Karol Matiasko, PhD., ZU Zilina Prof. RNDr. Roman Nedela, DrSc., Banska Bystrica Prof. RNDr. Pavol Zlatos, CSc., UK Bratislava Doc. RNDr. Katarina Bachrata, PhD., ZU Zilina Doc. Ing. Emil Krsak,

kontakt: Katarina Bachrata Katedra informacnych sieti Fakulta riadenia a informatiky Velky Diel, Univerzitna 1 013 26 Zilina, Slovakia

+421 41 513 4332

Intersections expert departments in the process of expert evidence

Development of methodologies resulting from the specific subject of expert evidence and also from its character, which requires multiple overlapping fields of expertise.

Druh akcie: Intern. conference
Termín konania: 8.2.2012
Miesto konania: Zilina, Slovakia
Odborní garanti: Prof. Kasanicky Prof. Marik Doc. Majduchova Ing. Sedlakova Prof. Hrvolova

kontakt: USI Zilinska univerzita, Ul. 1. Maja 32, 010 26 Zilina, Slovakia

+421 41 513 6930

DESAM 2012 - Diagnostics of electrical machines and materials

Exchange of ideas from sections like power engineering, electric traction, electric propulsion and heavy current electrical engineering. The conference is aimed on diagnostic methods and devices, technologies and new materials for production and reparation of electrical machines and devices. The conference includes a presentation of a few leading foreign and also Slovak companies with their manufacturing or commercial program. They will also present their range of goods from the area of measuring and diagnostic technology, new materials and products.

Druh akcie: Intern. scientific conference
Termín konania: 8.2.2012  ..  9.2.2012
Miesto konania: Papradno - Povazska Bystrica, Slovakia
Odborní garanti: Prof. Ing. Jan Michalik, PhD.

kontakt: Katedra merania a aplikovanej elektrotechniky, Elektrotechnicka fakulta, Zilinská univerzita, Univerzitna 8215/1, 010 26 Zilina, Slovakia

+421 41 513 5064

Online publishing

The workshop focused on the practice of publishing on the internet news portal Akutality.sk

Druh akcie: Workshop
Termín konania: 1.2.2012  ..  28.2.2012
Miesto konania: Fakulta humanitnych vied Zilinskej univerzity, Slovakia
Odborní garanti: Mgr. Peter Bardy, sefredaktor portalu Aktuality.sk

kontakt: Katedra mediamatiky a kulturneho dedicstv, Fakulta humanitnych vied, Zilinska univerzita, Univerzitna 8215/1, 010 26 Zilina, Slovakia

+421 41 513 6301

Approaches to tackling the current financial and economic problems

Comparison of knowledge in the economic and financial issues and their use in proposals for solving the current financial crisis in the Slovak Republic, European Union and Russian Federation.

Druh akcie: Videoconferencing
Termín konania: 23.2.2012
Miesto konania: Fakulta riadenia a informatiky, Zilinska univerzita, Slovakia
Odborní garanti: Doc. Ing. Maria Duricova, PhD.

kontakt: Katedra makro a mikroekonomiky, Fakulta riadenia a informatiky, Univerzitna 8215/1, 013 26 Zilina, Slovakia

+421 41 513 400

PTV VISION software for traffic planning

Meeting of PTV VISION software users with contributions oriented towards the news in PTV VISION software, development of PTV, use of PTV in actual traffic problems solution, in school education and research at the faculties of the University of Zilina. Discussion of specialists in traffic planning area, modelling and simulation.

Druh akcie: Seminar
Termín konania: 2.2.2012
Miesto konania: Zasadacka vedeckej rady, Nova menza, Zilinska univerzita, Slovakia
Odborní garanti: Prof. Ing. Jan Celko, PhD. Ing. Igor Ripka, PhD

kontakt: Katedra cestneho stavitelstva, Stavebna fakulta, Velky Diel, Univerzitna 1, 010 26 Zilina, Slovakia


+421 41 513 5901