Konferencie 2017

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Technical idea of the year

Based on the positive experiences of the last years, Department of Mechatronics and Electronics (with support of the APVV agency in Slovakia and Panasonic Industrial Devices Slovakia) created contest for high school students (2nd - 5th grade) named „Technical idea of the year“. Its main objective is to obtain gifted high school students for university studies in the field of mechatronics, electronics and industrial informatics. The competition takes the form as project in the range of 2 - 3 A4 papers. Project must be sent to the department till November 30th, 2016. The commision selects the projects that could be sent into the national round of competition, organized at the University of Žilina.

Druh akcie: súťaž
Termín konania: 1.2.2017  ..  31.3.2017
Miesto konania: Žilinská univerzita v Žiline
Odborní garanti: Ing. Ondrej Hock, PhD.

kontakt: Ondrej Hock, Ing., PhD., EF, KME ondrej.hock@fel.uniza.sk

+42141 5131619

Student scientific competition - ŠVOS

EF UNIZA in cooperation with the Czechoslovakia Section of IEEE and the IAS/IES joint chapter of CS section, IEEE, organizes the student scientific competition ŠVOS in these research areas: Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering, Computer Science, Automation and Telecommunications, Biomedical Engineering. First three places in each field of research in various areas will be financially awarded. Winners in various research areas in the doctoral level will participate at the international student conference POSTER 2017 in Prague. Marec 2017 pre doktorandský stupeň; Apríl 2017 pre bakalársky a inžiniersky stupeň.

Druh akcie: Študentská vedecko-odborná súťaž
Termín konania: 1.3.2017  ..  30.4.2017
Miesto konania: EF UNIZA
Odborní garanti: doc. PaedDr. Peter Hockicko, PhD., prodekan pre vedeckovýskumnú činnosť na EF UNIZA

kontakt: doc. PaedDr. Peter Hockicko, PhD., Elektrotechnická fakulta, Žilinská univerzita v Žiline

+42141 5132057