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Social Issues in the Contemporary British and American Literature

Scientific lecture on British and American history, culture, and literature.

Druh akcie: KAJ, FHV UNIZA (SK)
Termín konania: 1.4.2018  ..  30.4.2018
Miesto konania:
Odborní garanti: doc. PaedDr. Adriana Pčolinská, PhD.

kontakt: PaedDr. Rastislav Metruk, Ph.D. KAJ, FHV UNIZA Univerzitná 8215/1 010 26 Žilina


+421 41 513 6170

XXIV. International Conference of Polish, Czech and Slovak Founders COOPERATION 2018

Aim of the conference is to offer a platform for experiences and informations exchange among Slovak, Czech and Polish foudries, but also research centers and universities in the field of metallurgy, foundry technologies, molding compounds, heat treatment and also environmental protection.

Druh akcie:
Termín konania: 18.4.2018  ..  20.4.2018
Miesto konania: Hradec nad Moravicí (CZ)
Odborní garanti: prof. Ing. Dana Bolibruchová, PhD., doc. Ing. Petr Lichý, PhD., prof. dr.hab.inž. Jan Szajnar, Dr.inž. Katarzyna Major-Gabrysz

kontakt: prof. Ing. Dana Bolibruchová, PhD. Katedra technologického inžinierstva, SjF UNIZA Univerzitná 8215/1 010 26 Žilina


+421 41 513 2764, 2757, 2772

Company Diagnostics, Controlling and Logistics

Meeting of university teachers, PhD. Students, scientific researches of economics and related field of study and professionals practice for science information and conclusions about the company diagnosis methodology reciprocation, searching the optimal solutions to negative tendencies in the company, or its parts, application of new technologies in logistics processes.

Druh akcie: KS, FPEDAS UNIZA (SK)
Termín konania: 12.4.2018  ..  13.4.2018
Miesto konania:
Odborní garanti: Dr. h. c. prof. Ing. Tatiana Čorejová, PhD.

kontakt: Dr. h. c. prof. Ing. Tatiana Čorejová, PhD. rektorka UNIZA Univerzitná 8215/1 010 26 Žilina

+421 41 513 3114; +421 903 306 583

Workshop of Track Management STRAHOS 2018

Meeting workers specialised in railway engineering and track management. Presentation of experience in preparation, modernisation and maintenance of railway tracks and buildings. Information about operational efficiency and about new technologies for diagnostic, maintenance, reparation and modernisation of railway tracks and about legislative conditions of realisation of building activity in railway engineering.

Druh akcie:
Termín konania: 19.4.2018  ..  20.4.2018
Miesto konania: Banská Bystrica (SK)
Odborní garanti: prof. Ing. Libor Ižvolt, PhD., KŽSTH, SvF UNIZA Ing. Miroslav Kocák, ŽSR, námestník generálneho riaditeľa pre prevádzku

kontakt: Ing. Janka Šestáková, PhD. KŽSTH, SvF UNIZA Univerzitná 8215/1 010 26 Žilina

+421 41 513 5807