Konferencie 2018

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OSSConf 2018 - Open Source Software in the Education, Research and IT Solutions

This year OSSConf is yet the tenth, but it is still the only in Slovakia, independent conference dedicated to the free open source software and its use in education, research, but also in other areas where IT are used. Traditional sections of the conference are LaTeX and its friends, Open GIS, OSS in Science and Education, Open Hardware and FOSS Development. We plan to open a separate section for the programing language Python in this year, and as well the wiki section, that is prepared in cooperation with the civic association Wikimedia SK.

Druh akcie:
Termín konania: 2.7.2018  ..  4.7.2018
Miesto konania: FRI UNIZA, Žilina (SK)
Odborní garanti: prof. Ing. Karol Matiaško, PhD.

kontakt: RNDr. Aleš Kozubík, PhD. KMMOA, FRI UNIZA Univerzitná 8215/1 010 26 Žilina

+421 41 513 4279